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Exhibitor Testimonials


2016 Exhibitor Testimonials


“The main goal of our participation is to promote our dishwashers to the domestic market. Currently, the demand for dishwashers in China is increasingly apparent, so the market has great potential. We’ve always been devoted to the research and development of dishwashers, and this is the first time we’re showcasing dishwasher products independently.
The Shunde household appliance manufacturing industry is very famous in China. In addition, the event is near our factory. The relocation of Shunde Expo from Daliang to Beijiao presents even more geographical advantages for Midea. Due to the transitional period, this year’s event is smaller in scale, but overall, we are still pleased with it."
Foshan Shunde Midea Dishwasher Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Mr. Han

“This is our second participation in Shunde Expo and I feel that there are more visitors this year at Phoenix Hall than at the Accessories Hall last year. Visitor flow is smoother. On top of that, we have a great booth location this year, which is along the path of the main traffic flow. There are several companies that have expressed interest in collaborating with us. We’ll continue to participate next year.”
Starion (Huizhou) Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Choi Ho Yeon, Micro Switch Team, Manager

“We’ve been participating in Shunde Expo for several years, and the first time in Beijiao. Our company has departments for home appliances, electronics, sensors and smart home living. Besides this booth, our new brand has also taken up another booth space this year. We’ll continue to support the organizers. I look forward to next year's event.”
Suffice Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhang Hegeng, Marketing Support Manager

“Our pavilion location is very good this year. There were more visitors on the first day of the event, and our member companies have made contact with some effective buyers. We’ve been exhibiting at Shunde Expo for several years and have always felt that the organizers are great in all aspects.”
Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association
Ms. Cony Huang, Mainland Affairs Dept.

“It is noteworthy that there are related forums at Phoenix Hall for participating companies to leverage this platform for product and technology releases, and I hope for more professional forums in future. Intelligent systems is now a trend in the entire industry. As a first-time exhibitor, we understand that this year’s Shunde Expo is in a special development phase, hence the relatively small scale.”
Mr. Huang Zhiwei, Brand Manager

“Currently, the built-in stove industry is growing very well, with our company showing an annual growth of 200%. The market is also expanding rapidly in Guangdong, taking the third spot nationwide. This is also one of our reasons to participate in Shunde Expo.”
Zhejiang Entive Electric Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shen Jianfeng, Department Manager

“Having been participating in Shunde Expo for many years, we are very familiar with the event. Rota mainly develops small appliances, and this time, we’ve brought our new stainless steel, non-stick rice cooker, which is a first in the industry. Every year, we are able to attract numerous agents as we’re committed to producing original products. We’re very optimistic about Shunde Expo, and hope for organizers to maintain such great service and draw more buyers and distributors to next year's show.”
Shenzhen Rota Invention Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Mr. Xiao Hong, Vice Department Manager

“This year is our 20th anniversary, and we have participated in many editions of Shunde Expo. This is the first time in Beijiao. There were more people from the industry visiting on the first day of the event, and more target customers.”
Ms. Li Jiamin

“This year's Shunde Expo is better. Not only did we attract new customers, we also had in-depth exchange with our existing customers. The exhibition venue in Beijiao is near several manufacturers we are working with, which makes communication more convenient. We held a forum in Phoenix Hall and invited our customers to attend. The organizers have provided a great platform. We are based in Shanghai and hope that customers can have a deeper impression of our company through the event.”
DAIKIN Fluoro Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jin Xin, Sales Planning Section

“This year's results are good, and we’ve decided to continue our participation next year.
We hope to recruit powerful agents through the exhibition, and have met with interested customers. This year's environment is more pleasant than in the past, and we hope for Shunde Expo to be better and better. With a good platform, exhibitors will benefit more. We are looking forward to the move to the new venue next year. ”
OUBER Air Cooler & Ventilation Co., Ltd.
Ms. Bella Chan, Order Coordinator

“We have participated in similar events in Shenzhen and Shanghai, but this is our first time at Shunde Expo. There’s a good number of visitors, and most of whom are our target customers. So, the event meets our expectations. Our goal at this event is channel development. We are very satisfied with the services provided by the organizers and their timely follow-up. We plan to exhibit again next year.”
Guangzhou Clouds Robot Co., Ltd.
Mr. Bian Jiang, Operation Manager


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